Router Support

Working from home but having issues with your router’s wireless connection?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to suffer too much because our expert technicians got you covered. For instant router support assistance, reach out to us at any time. We can instantly troubleshoot a variety of issues.

We offer following online support services:

  • Wireless Router Setup and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Router Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Slow internet issues
  • Troubleshooting Router’s Wireless Connectivity errors
  • Troubleshooting connection drop issues
  • Securing Wireless Router
  • Router Reset and Re-configuration
  • Recovering or reset Forgotten Wi-fi Password
  • Setting up wireless protection
  • Wireless Router Firmware Update
  • Installation and setup of Wi-fi Adapter
  • Installation and setup of Wi-fi Extender
  • Improving wireless range
  • Increasing wireless router’s Bandwidth
  • Troubleshooting Wireless range extender
  • Troubleshooting Wi-fi adapters
  • Troubleshooting Network interference
  • IP Configuration and renewal

Don’t know what is wrong with your Wireless Router?

Just get in touch with our Expert Technicians and they will figure out exactly what is wrong with your wireless router. It’s not a problem if you don’t know what exactly is the issue as it could be a technical issue so, our technicians will run a wireless network diagnostic to ascertain the issue.

Once they identify the issue, they will guide you properly regarding the troubleshooting process. Most issues are usually solved over the phone and we also offer secure online remote assistance.

If your router’s lights are not blinking or it says not connected while the router shows there is network then it could be a sign that your router is having some issues. In that case, reach out to our support technicians for immediate support.